Lucia F. de la Bella

unequalPy: A package for the unequal-time matter power spectrum

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This package contains functions to obtain the unequal-time power spectrum at one-loop in standard perturbation theory an effective field theory. It also provides functions to reproduce the analysis in 1:

  • Approximations to the unequal-time matter power spectrum: geometric and the midpoint approximations.

  • Weak lensing functions: filters and lensing efficiency.

  • Tests using DES-Y1 data and cosmoSIS.

The full list of features can be found in the unequalPy Documentation.

If you use UnequalPy for work or research presented in a publication please follow our Citation Guidelines.

Getting Started

unequalPy is distributed through PyPI. To install UnequalPy and its dependencies using pip:

$ pip install unequalpy

The unequalPy library can then be imported from python:

>>> import unequalpy
>>> help(unequalpy)

Examples: you can run some examples provided in our tests and analysis jupyter notebooks.



de la Bella, L. and Tessore, N. and Bridle, S., 2020. Unequal-time matter power spectrum: impact on weak lensing observables. arXiv 2011.06185.


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